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Educational Organizations

We actively seek partnerships with educational organizations, from pre-k to community colleges, universities, and private and public institutions. Many schools and school leaders have recognized the benefits - such as lower operating costs, positive community publicity and teaching responsible environmental stewardship - of creating a campus with green features.


There are four ways that we typically partner with educational organization to help them in this effort (we are open to other suggestions as well):

1) If your school has any fund raising activities, such as a raffle or auction, we can donate home energy audits. This is a valuable service that many in your community would be interested in and benefit from.

2) We can provide an energy audit for the campus itself and provide improvement work ranging from weatherization, air purification, solar, rainwater harvesting and so much more (see the commercial services section of this website for more info on what we offer).

3) A unique benefit of our service to educational organizations in particular is the enhanced educational opportunities the work affords. The work we do can be a laboratory for hands-on, real world learning, as well as provide research opportunities for higher education. Greenmodeling can also provide group presentations to faculty and students on the principles, practices and implications of going green.

4) The environmental impact of a school is not just related to the campus itself. The collective impact of how the school community lives off campus is just as, if not more, important. Therefore, Greenmodeling can help your school promote sustainable living by the entire campus community - faculty, students, and their families alike - by offering discounts on our residential services to all its members.

Greenmodeling can work with entire university and school systems or individual campuses.  These services can result in very impressive benefits with regard to operating costs, faculty and student satisfaction and productivity, and public relations. Greenmodeling can help you market your efforts to existing faculty, students (and their families) and the public in general.

Please contact us if you are a faculty member, student or parent interested in more info.