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Energy Efficiency & Weatherization

These services are generally provided following an energy audit of existing properties or integrated into a new construction or remodeling project. Many tax and other financial incentives are available for these projects.

Project examples include:

Insulation – The attic and roof, crawlspace, walls and attic accesses are some of the more common areas where insulation can be installed and improved. This results in increased comfort and lower energy costs throughout the year, especially in the winter. We can determine and implement the optimal insulation materials and amounts for your needs.

Lighting – Lighting is one of the low-hanging fruits when it comes to energy conservation in many commercial buildings. However, knowing what type of lighting is best suited to a particular application (e.g. office, retail, task, warehouse, etc) can be a burdensome task. Greenmodeling can provide recommendations on and facilitate implementation of appropriate and efficient lighting technology.

Air Sealing – Doors and windows are notorious for drafts but more often than not the dominant sources of air leakage are found elsewhere. We have the equipment to locate these leaks and determine which ones should be sealed first. We also have the training to make sure the air sealing process doesn't have negative impacts on your indoor air quality. This results in increased comfort and lower energy costs throughout the year, as well as a potentially healthier and improved air quality.

Radiant Barriers – Radiation is the predominant mode of heat gain in the summer time. Unfortunately, traditional insulation just isn't designed to stop this heat gain. Greenmodeling can install radiant barriers that repel up to 97% of this heat gain in the summer time. They will also help keep the heat from escaping in the winter time. The result is increased comfort and lower energy costs throughout the year, especially in the summer.

Windows – Windows are often the first place many property owners look to lower energy costs. However, due to their high replacement cost, there may be other options that are more cost effective. We can determine and implement the optimal window treatments, replacements and/or improvements for your needs.

Cool Roofs – Reflective roofs have received more attention lately as an opportunity to decrease energy consumption as well as mitigate urban heat island effects in predominately warm climates.

Ducts – The air ducts of a property are rarely on the mind of most property owners. Often tucked behind walls, cleaning and sealing these out-of-sight arteries can offer impressive energy cost savings, improved HVAC durability, and healthier indoor air quality. We can determine and implement the optimal duct renovation, sealing and/cleaning improvements for your needs.

Water – Water conservation presents an excellent opportunity to reduce the amount water used, as well as the energy required to heat the portion of this water that is hot. The result is both lower energy and water costs. We can determine and implement the optimal water conservation measures and improvements for your needs.

And More – These are just a few of the many energy efficiency and weatherization measures we can provide. Contact us if you have another project in mind that you want to see if we can provide.